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The most challenging for a corporate is to do exactly the opposite of what they are designed for, that is to be a-corporate, fast, lean, (ad)ventures, risk taking and appreciate failure. Already challenging enough, the hardest part here is not to build ventures per se, but more so to build competitive ones, real disruptive ones, and doing so without overspending to build-, market-, and keep them operational.

We help keep venture building agile, lean and fast. We help by testing, can leverage our network to test hypothesis, demand and even attract the right people to set-up the ventures themselves. Here too, we our people from our network could step in as a partner, an investor, or a mentor, when the match is right and the set-up of the start-up could benefit from it.

We do not have the holy grail of venture building ourselves, nor does anybody else, we do however have vision on how, and how not to partake in corporate venture building. And we are more than happy to share our thoughts and when partnering up, our network and long term efforts too. 

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