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The Age of Entrepreneurship

Has the Age/Era of Entrepreneurship and innovation dawn upon us fully and is it unstoppable, or do we merely experience a hype in and around entrepreneurial terms and activities?

It seems there is more interest in start-ups than ever before, more companies wanting to be associated with start-ups and either invest in, co-create with, or try to create their own- start-ups. For individuals, the choice between flex-working for yourself either part-time or full-time lending yourself to or consulting for a company, or perusing your own entrepreneurial ideas, versus working for a fixed term employee tends to shift towards the former. As an entrepreneur you are both a leader and an influencer. Perhaps more than ever do we look upon successful entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps with then with a completely different business model that changes entire industries. Entrepreneurs are usually seen as role models, brave and bold, a popular fixation, perhaps.

The increased ease of doing business, starting and registering a new business, dealing with less administrative hustle and incentive programs of governments to help starting businesses has aided start-ups, as well as the internet did allowing remote and easy connectivity. Furthermore, more funding than ever is available for start-ups from angel investors, venture capitalists but also crowd funding campaigns or even ICO’s. If you wanted to start venture and let’s say start a supermarket in the 1800s, the most difficult would be to acquire capital. As mentioned above, there is really a lot of funding out there currently, not just from regular VC’s but also corporate capital funds that by the day get more eager to join the next big start-up idea. The funding however, is really selective channelling to only the most promising ideas. It is not just hard to acquire capital, but so it is to make an actual success out of your business. It is no surprise that most start-ups fail, even more so today. Let alone having a sustained success over a long period of time.

The Verdict

The comparison between what defines a start-up in the past (a supermarket, a -digital- trading office, a consulting) and what it is now, and which entrepreneurs lead it is quite a complicated comparison. What can justly be concluded however is that attitudes towards entrepreneurship have changed towards becoming (even more) positive, in addition the ease of starting a business and having access to a variety of resources also helps. From my point of view, it does not necessarily matter however, whether the age of entrepreneurship has “dawn upon us” or whether there is simply more attention for start-up and entrepreneurial developments. What matters is that people have more attention towards their vision, are searching for shared ideologies when working for a start-up or established company, yes, purpose even, that leads to much higher motivation and thus, productivity and innovation too. Greater work flexibility combined with the opportunity to work towards what you believe in, your personal, or shared-group passion.

Therefore, I rather call it-, or whish that indeed the abovementioned movement will move into-, an age of purposefulness. A “doing what you want era”. A business savvy one. One that goes after real problems that needs solving, that need a fresh way of looking at them and need purposefully people to create innovative solutions. This is a direction where entrepreneurs and employees alike are motivated to work towards their envisioned goals, much more motivational, innovative and entrepreneurial than ever before. It is about following what you believe in-, and working towards-, making it a reality. Given the increased opportunities to join entrepreneurial movements, companies with a certain vision and ways to start doing going after these ideas yourself, this reality is more within reach than perhaps ever before.