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Awareness & Lessons Learned

Starting with the most essential; awareness. Businesses can be disrupted out of no-where. So it is best to be prepared, be proactive and most dare-full to even disrupt yourself.  

How many examples of large companies have successfully disrupted themselves can you name? Let’s face it. Large corporations can't disrupt themselves, by default, so.

That is not in their current set-up and current attitudes. A mind shift needs to take place. Hence, companies are often hindered by its current settings and cultures. In addition, many companies are often too unaware of how quick and fierce disruption can occur.

We build awareness. We help turn employees into entrepreneurs by means of design thinking, disruption games and challenges, changing the mindset and providing the right tools to adapt, making employees aware of the biggest challenges currently facing the company, and more directly their own job. 

Corporate incubators and accelerators often have over-ambitious targets, are composed of people both from inside as well as from outside the corporate world, they have to satisfy both corporate business development and build disruptive businesses, changes often its focus and structure while attention is dispersed on too many topics at the same time. The organizational set-up, proper focus and target setting therefore is crucial to its success.

We provide insights on what has proven to work and what did not.

We help structure innovation departments. We can help with the set-up, the focus and target setting. We argue that with the right mind set and the right set-up corporations actually can disrupt and they will re-invent themselves, as hard as it is, as (ad)venturous as it is, since there is no alternative.